10 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your 20s

10 Fashion Mistakes You're Probably Making in Your 20s
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Someone call the fashion police, because that outfit is DISGUSTING. Fashion faux pas are rampant among 20-year-olds in America. I don't know why, nor do I care. All I care about is helping us all avoid such tragic missteps. Hopefully, when playing "Never Have I Ever," you won't have to put a finger down for these crimes against style.

1. Buying something just because it's on sale

Style is all about wearing pieces that express who you are as a person, not who anyone else wants you to be. Just because something's on sale doesn't mean it's fashionable for you. And don't trust the saleslady. She's just trying to get that outfit off the shelf.

2. Not dry cleaning pieces that require dry cleaning

I get you want to save money, but what's more expensive: dry cleaning or buying a new dress because the washing machine ruined it? I'm gonna go with dry cleaning.

3. Always playing it safe

I get you don't want to make a mistake, but never taking risks is also a mistake. Your own style will evolve as you grow older, and the only way it can evolve is if you let it by choosing outfits you wouldn't have worn a decade ago. Take a risk. It may be worth it. It may not. But at least you were brave enough to try.

4. Wearing clothes that don't fit you

Buy clothes that fit your body! You deserve that. Don't fall for the stupid idea that buying smaller clothes will encourage you to lose weight. Such a plan only results in hating your body even more. Celebrate your body with stylish clothes that make you feel comfortable and proud of your bod. Because guess what? YOU SHOULD BE!

5. Buying labels instead of fashion

Just because Gucci designed those shoes doesn't mean they'll look great on you. Some of the most fashionable people on the street get their clothes at thrift stores, or Target, or H&M. Looking good doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. It just takes time, good eye, and a creative spirit. 

6. Wearing something just because everyone else is

Remember when everyone wore Uggs? Looking back, why did anyone ever wear those disgusting shoes?! Just because something is trendy doesn't make it fashionable. Can you imagine Miranda Priestly wearing Uggs?


7. Not dressing for the occasion

Business casual. Cocktail attire. Interview outfit. Professional. Black tie. SO MANY OCCASIONS. And guess what? Each requires a different outfit. Knowing what to wear if half the battle. Knowing when to wear it is the other half.

8. Wearing painful heels

Yes. Heels make your calves look great and your booty look sexy. But if you can barely walk in them, nothing about you is going to look good. Being hot is about being confident. Not being able to walk gives off a vibe of no confidence. 

She's allowed because she's like 5. You're in your 20s. Do better.

9. "Forgetting" to iron

I put forgetting in quotes because you didn't forget. You knew you needed to iron that blouse. You just decided not to. Not even the most beautiful blouse looks good wrinkled. IRON!

10. Not wearing what you want to wear

What are you doing wearing a dress just because Vogue told you too! The most stylish person in the room is the person most comfortable in his or her fashion choices! Make good choices. But more importantly, make choices that YOU love!

If you do that, then so will everyone else. 

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