10 Gorgeous White Ink Tattoos

10 Gorgeous White Ink Tattoos
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If you want a tattoo but aren’t so sure about all the attention dark or colored ink brings, white ink tats might be for you. They look more like scars than tattoos because the process of getting them is different. The ink itself is another kind than what's used for color shading. It’s a little harder for your body to absorb, so more than one session could be needed to finish your piece. A lot of extra care is required to make sure white ink looks as good as possible, but the outcome is absolutely gorgeous. Talk to a tattoo artist about whether or not this style is an option you should consider. White ink won’t show up on just any skin color, and planning out the placement is another key to getting it done correctly. Even if you don’t do it on yourself, the results white ink creates are too beautiful to ignore. Check some of these out and decide if you should call your tattoo artist today!

1. Paisley Shoulder Piece

We found this at Ink Done Right

Who would’ve thought paisley would look so good on your skin?

2. Feather on Inner Arm

We found this at Zaria’s

The attention to detail in this feather is unbelievable.

3. Patterned Sleeve

We found this at Designz

This sleeve is a combination of fantastic patterns and mandalas.

4. World Map

We found this at Popsugar

Show your worldliness with this subtle wrist piece.

5. Simple Bird

We found this at Strepik

A symmetrical bird is the perfect symbol of peace and balance.

6. Mandala Shoulder Piece

We found this at Cudid

Another shoulder piece, this one is focused on a single mandala and spreads outward from the center.

7. Small Flower

We found this at Tattoos Me

A smaller flower with intricate petals is perfect for a less visible tattoo.

8. Mandala Shoulder Blade and Back Piece

We found this at Way Out of World

When it comes to shoulder pieces, you either go big or don’t do it at all. This one is huge, yet delicate and soft on pale skin.

10. Flowers Piece on Calf

We found this at Tattoo

A flower design that wraps around your leg is definitely worth the time and money.

10. Rose Shoulder Piece

We found this at White Ink Tattoos

Rose tattoos in white look amazing when enlarged. This spot is particularly easy to show off, too.

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