3 Unique Ways To Hang Pictures Up In Your Dorm Room Without Chipping The Paint

Dorm Room
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Holes are a big no-no in dorm rooms. Usually, when you move in you have to fill out an inventory sheet detailing any damages in the room, and some colleges even keep track of holes in the walls. That means hanging posters and frames with pins and nails won't work. There is a myriad of alternative, foolproof methods to hang up decorations so your room feels a little bit homier that won't cause any damage. We're providing you with three different ways of hanging some pictures in your dorm room that won't chip paint or require any hammering!

1. Command Strips

Command strips are a great way to hang frames and anything that is heavier than a poster! The best ones are not even the regular sticky poster strips but rather the heavy-duty strips. While the directions are detailed on the back, essentially these strips are a Velcro-like material that sticks one side to the wall and one side of the frame, attaching them together. Make sure you follow the directions exactly and your decor will be the envy of the dorm! The regular poster strips aren't as durable and sometimes lose their grip but since these strips use twice the amount, they are stronger.


2. Poster Putty

Poster putty will not work on something as heavy as a frame but will work with any sort of paper product. Rip a small piece off and roll it between your hands, as the heat transfer will allow you to easily mold the putty. Place a few pieces on the back of the photo or poster about four to five inches apart and go ahead and stick up the poster. Most universities prefer this method since there is no chance of chipping paint, but there are a few downsides to using poster putty. If your room gets too hot the poster putty won't be as effective and your posters or pictures may fall off at some point. The oil from the putty can also sometimes be absorbed into the material of the poster. Just a few things to keep in mind, but poster putty is a viable option!

Poster Putty

3. Scotch Reusable Tabs

Scotch Reusable Tabs is the sturdiest tape you'll ever use! They are great for both pictures and posters, although you would have to use quite a few pieces. They'll last longer than the poster putty and are much more durable. You can use these handy little tape tabs for much more than posters and pictures, too. If you ever have seasonal decor items that you want to put up, you can easily use these tabs since they are reusable!


Go decorate your dorm room to your heart's content, especially if you weren't allowed to decorate your room at home. Make this dorm room your new home and a place for your artistic expression thanks to these handy ways of hanging pictures!

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