6 Things You Absolutely MUST Do in the Shower

6 Things You Absolutely MUST Do in the Shower

It's something we do daily (or at least, umm, every-other-day). It's what keeps us smelling socially acceptable, feeling fresh and ready to take on the day, or finally hit the hay. Maybe your shower ritual goes a little something like this: lather shampoo, then apply conditioner from the roots to the tips, allow it to sit as you shave, then rinse your hair and finish with a full-body loofah rundown. You do this each and every time you enter your shower without question, and it's become second nature. Here are some ways to get the most out of your shower experience, from convenience, to health, to fun.

1. Toss the Loofah

Did you know that the average loofah contains as much bacteria as your kitchen sink? And that the average kitchen sink is more filthy than the average bathroom? The reason: synthetic loofahs that aren't allowed to completely dry between uses are prone to growth. They should be replaced every 3 weeks on average. If that's too high-maintenance for your tastes, by all means, the standby bar of soap will do the job and be sanitary until the last sliver. 

2. Take a Top to Bottom Approach

If you wash your body and then go to washing your hair, your body wash work will be undone. It may be intuitive, but worth a friendly reminder: start at the top and work your way down to ensure impurities end up where they belong: down the drain.

3. Bring Your Cuticle Pusher

Most of us know it's poor nail-bed etiquette to cut into your cuticles, but may have a hard time pushing them back. When you're in a steamy situation, namely, a shower, your skin is more supple, and its easier than ever to get those cuticles under control.

4. Exfoliate Once Per Week

This will avoid dead skin build-up on dry areas. The main culprits: heels, backs of arms, and calves. Grab a pumice stone and gently graze moisturized skin, and finish with your favorite body wash. 

5. Room for One More? Bring a Bucket

Whether you live in drought-central or not, why let perfectly good water go down the drain? Salvage some of it in a bucket, and repurpose it in your lawn, or indoor plants. 

6. Finish with a Blast of Cold Water

Okay, so you're cringing at the thought of this, but hear me out: finishing your otherwise warm and comfy shower with a blast of cold water will not only make your hair more shiny, sealing the follicle, it will also seal in moisture everywhere else!