7 Amazing U.S. Spas Where Health Is On the Menu

7 Amazing U.S. Spas Where Health Is On the Menu
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Getting healthier isn't just about hitting the gym and making sure we're checking in with our doctors on a regular basis — true health is a process that starts from the inside out. After dealing with the usual stress, from long hours at work to maintaining our romantic relationships and taking care of our families, it's easy to forget that we should also be on the receiving end of some caregiving from time to time. For those of us who need a break from our everyday lives that will help us refresh our mind, body, and spirit, health spas can be a real treat. Situated in gorgeous locations known for their natural beauty, health spas provide comprehensive treatments that will make you mentally and physically healthier by the end of your trip. Whether you're looking to improve your yoga practice or delve into your anxieties with a therapist, these spas will help start a beautiful journey toward a more grounded, mindful, stronger you. 


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This Tucson, Arizona-based resort and spa is all about re-energizing both body and spirit, with exercise, meal plans, and even mother-daughter trips available for guests. 

California Health & Longevity Institute

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At California Health & Longevity Institute, guests are invited to welcome wellness in the form that best suits them, whether that's through Western medicine or through life and relationship coaching. From dentistry and sleep medicine to personal training, CHLI's approach to health is among the most comprehensive you'll find. 

Golden Door

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Located in stunning San Marcos, California, Golden Door is committed to making its participants healthier from the inside out. From getting in touch with nature in Golden Door's organic vegetable garden to biofeedback sessions, Golden Door helps you return to your regular life as a more centered, mindful human. 

Rancho La Puerta

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At Rancho La Puerta in Baja, California, visitors can relax in the way that works best for them, whether that means taking a hike through the beautiful mountain terrain surrounding the ranch, expressing themselves through art, or taking a cooking class.

Mii amo

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At Sedona, Arizona's Mii amo, physical fitness and nutrition are the top priority. Yoga, hiking, massage, and fresh, healthy food make Mii amo a truly life-changing destination. 

Canyon Ranch

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With locations in Massachusetts, Arizona, Nevada, Turkey, and at sea, Canyon Ranch combines fitness, nutrition, mental health services, spa treatments, and medicine in one relaxing experience. 

The Raj

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The Raj, located in Fairfield, Iowa, has been treating guests to traditional Ayurvedic healing since it opened its doors in 1993. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian holistic practice, purports to detoxify the body and can allegedly help cure everything from headaches to heart disease.

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