We Need To Talk About Mommy Shaming, Y'all

Mommy shaming cartoon
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Have you ever looked at the way that a mom was talking on her phone while the kids were terrorizing the grocery store and thought, “Why doesn’t she do something”? You probably considered reprimanding the supposed negligent parent but didn’t dare say something out loud. You are better than the majority in America. 

A new survey finds that six out of ten mothers have been victims to what is recognized as mommy shaming. For those who are unaware, mommy shaming is the act of criticizing a mother’s rearing habits so that she knows you are displeased with her tactics. You may not say anything out loud, but you may give the mom and her kids a look of disgust when the youngsters exhibit poor mannerisms, and she does little to correct them. Either way, whether through glare or harsh words, it’s all shaming. 

The women who participated in the survey said that criticism was highest in the areas of discipline, nutrition, and the sleeping schedule they had for their kids. New moms claimed to also come under considerable scrutiny regarding nursing where outsiders felt that breastfeeding was better than placing infants on the bottle too soon. Surprisingly enough, participants in the study said that family members were their greatest detractors. Just think of the annoying mother-in-law in film and television who tries to take over her daughter-in-law’s home. 

Regardless of who dishes out the condemnation, since when did it become okay for anyone to tell parents how to raise their kids? The question especially goes for moms since they receive more denunciations than dads in this alleged progressive society. What happened to people minding their business? Social media, that’s what. 

Ever since Facebook rolled out its platform more than a decade ago, people have come to believe that they can have an opinion about EVERYTHING. Of course, you can have a thought about current events and whatnot, but to actually tell a woman that she’s a bad parent because her rearing practices do not agree with your beliefs is just wrong. Who made you the absolute authority, anyway? You should especially remain silent if you don’t have kids. There is a big difference between what you read in a book about children and how they act in real life. 

To deny oneself of having an opinion is to deny one’s humanity. Everything contemplated, however, does not need to be expressed through word and deed. You are not the ultimate source of wisdom, so please don’t shame another mom for what she doesn’t know. 

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