Everything You Should Do To Protect Your Hair Before, During, and After the Shower

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With all of the hair styles and salon trips that your hair goes through, it is no surprise that most people struggle to keep their hair healthy. Below is a step by step walk through of an ideal routine to keep your hair protected. With top rated brands like Josie Maran and Matrix, this routine is sure to boost the health of you hair!


Before you wash your hair in the shower, there is a critical step that needs to be taken in your hair care routine. This is the application of pure oil to your hair, whether it be coconut oil or argan oil. The purpose of this is to have your hair soak up all the nutrients from the oils before starting your washing routine. Try Josie Maran's 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil (available at Sephora, $48). This is a top notch product because it treats split ends and frizzy flyaways to give your hair a silky, smooth feel.  


When washing your hair in the shower, focus on brands that are tailored to your specific needs, such as dry hair or frizzy hair. All shampoos and conditioners are different and focus on different aspects, so the nutrients and vitamins present will be slightly different. Switch out your conditioner with a conditioning balm once or twice a week, a conditioning balm is a deep conditioning treatment that gives your hair an extra boost! Try Matrix Biolage HydraSource Conditioning Balm (at Ulta, $24).


After your shower routine, you want to protect your hair from blowdrying, flat ironing, or pretty much anything heat related. When your hair is damp after the shower, apply a leave-in conditioner to seal in the nutrients and vitamins that your hair soaked up from the conditioner. Try ALTERNA Haircare CAVIAR CC Cream for Hair 10 -in- 1 Complete Correction (at Sephora, $25). This product acts as a hair primer and can be used alone or as a base for the layering of other styling products.