Corinne Olympios Allegedly 'Threw Herself' At Three Other Guys That Were Unable To Consent

Corinne Olympios at wango tango
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It looks like DeMario Jackson isn't the only "Bachelor In Paradise" cast member that needs to get a lawyer. According to The Daily Mail, Corinne hooked up with three other guys the same day she and DeMario performed sexual acts on each other while drunk.

Apparently, just moments before she had her "misconduct" in the pool with DeMario, she "forced herself" on Nick Benvenutti.

"I was kind of surprised because she said she was not going to go on any dates because she had a boyfriend back home named Jordan Gielchinsky," the insider revealed to Daily Mail. "But as it turned out that didn't stop her from hooking up with DeMario in the pool."

That didn't stop her from making out with Alex Woytkiw and Derek Peth either. 

Corinne's costar, Jasmine Goode recently revealed to E News that Corinne is "not a victim" and that she's forced herself on male costars several times in the past. 

"Corinne forced herself on three male cast members, when they were unable to consent, in addition to engaging with DeMario," Goode revealed.

And just hours before the scandal in the pool happened, Corinne was warned not to drink on set because of her behavior. However, she kept on downing drinks because she didn't want the producers to "control her."

While we wanted to give Corinne the benefit of the doubt, it's starting to get reaaaal hard. What do you think really happened that night? Should DeMario or Corinne be punished? Weigh in!