Britney Spears Was Shook After A Fan Rushed On Stage And Security Had To Get Involved

britney spears
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In the words of one of YouTube's most iconic viral stars: LEAVE πŸ‘ BRITNEY πŸ‘ ALONE πŸ‘

The 35-year-old pop superstar was visibly upset Wednesday night after a fan rushed the stage during her Piece of Me show at Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Brit-Brit had just finished singing "(You Drive Me) Crazy" when the man scrambled up the stage toward her, prompting security to swarm the scene.

While bodyguards and backup dancers were able to catch the stage-rusher before he reached his target, Her Holy Spearit was clearly shaken by his attempt to get up close and personal with her.

β€œIs everything okay? What’s going on?” she says to security, then asks: β€œHe has a gun?”

It's not clear whether the man was armed or not, but Britney was escorted offstage as a precaution while he was being detained.

According to KMBC 9, the man was later identified as 37-year-old Kansas City resident Jesse Webb. He's since been arrested on trespassing charges and — hopefully — banned from the Britney Army for life.

Britney, wasn't about to let the guy ruin her entire show, though, so she returned to the stage to give fans an amazing performance to remember.

Here's a tip for anyone else thinking about storming her highness' stage: Don't!