Use This One Weird Concealer Trick To Upgrade Your Eyebrow Game

Concealer Trick To Upgrade Your Eyebrow Game

Brow gel? Check. Pencils? Yep. Powder? You got it. You've got all the usual suspects ready to go to create your brow look, but there's one unexpected product to add to the mix that could change your whole brow game-your concealer. In a conversation with InStyle magazine, makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor schooled us on how to use our concealer to bring our brows to the next level.  


One unexpected way that concealer brings your brow game from good to amazing (and saves you a trip to the brow salon) is that it can function as a way to cover up new growth and unruly hairs. “A concealer will help keep brows looking neat between shaping by concealing stray hairs and tiny ones that are difficult to remove with tweezers, which will in turn help you resist the temptation to shape your own brows instead of seeing a professional,” Sotomayor told InStyle. 

Concealer also acts as way to enhance your usual brow products by creating a crisp frame for your brows to pop. Highlighting above and below your brows with concealer is a great way to fake that just-left-the-salon fresh look. Sotomayor says that this also brightens up the entire eye area, making us look more wide awake. Just make sure to blend it out at the edges to keep a natural look! Using a concealer shade specifically for your arches is a key to achieving this crisp, clean look. Since one of the goals is highlighting the area, Sotomayor suggests a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone, and one that has pink or peach tones that will help counteract dark circles or discoloration. Happy sculpting!