This 'Insecure' Teen Just Unintentionally Inspired The Internet With Her Self Confidence Message

self confidence
Ashlie Bautista/Twitter

We've all said it. While shopping for a new outfit, you find something cute and declare, "I love this, but I could never pull it off." Well, 18-year-old Ashlie Bautista is here to tell you YOU CAN pull it off.

Self confidence is a tough feat in a world where airbrushing and perfectly-contrived "Instagram models" rule. But Ashlie woke up on February 10 and decided to love herself. And it caused an outpouring of inspiration on the internet.

After struggling with body insecurities and a lack of self confidence in the past, Ashlie's friends encouraged her to wear a gorgeous velour wrap dress with thin straps and a v-neck — something she says she would've never considered wearing prior. Alongside her message, she shared a few images of herself rocking the dress with a huge smile on her face. You can practically feel the confidence and positivity radiating from her. What a beautiful thing.

She told Teen Vogue that although she was nervous to don such a revealing dress, her friends made her feel like a queen. They told her how beautiful she was and that she should wear it to show everyone else her beauty. Seriously, we all need friends like that. By the end of the night, she said she was feeling incredibly happy about her choice to wear it and tweeted some images of herself rocking the dress.

Little did she know her message would inspire so many others. At the time of publication, her tweet has 4.7K comments, 32k retweets, and over 320k likes (and will probably have more as the day progresses). And if you need your faith in humanity restored, check out what people are saying:

Like, are you kidding me, internet? You're so cute. These responses are making Ashlie feel even better, too. "It made my heart happy that I was inspiring other girls to be confident themselves. I know it took me a while to get mine," she said.

Ashlie wants to encourage others to "speak through their clothes." So, stop saying you can't pull things off. You totally can, just like Ashlie, and you can feel and look your best in things you'd never imagine. All you have to do is amp up your confidence, trust your friends when they say you look beautiful, and OWN your body image. And when all else fails, ask the internet for some inspiration. It will definitely provide.