JWoww's Son Got Caught Trying To Eat Mommy's Bra Inserts & The Pic Has Us LOLing!


When you really think about it, kids are basically just tiny adorable monsters who eat, poop, cry, and get Instagram likes.

Enter 1-year old Greyson Valor -- JWoww’s son has the entire world in stitches today after he managed to stick one of mommy’s bra inserts on his face!

For those of you who don’t know (*cough* men *cough*), that thing on Greyson’s face is typically adhered to a boob to support and add a little volume to a woman’s bosom. But you can understand an infant's confusion, apparently thinking it was some sort of snack, or perhaps the mask Bane wore in The Dark Knight Rises.

JWoww’s husband Roger Matthews is the one who shared the image, captioning it with, “Hannibal Lecter ? Nope just a boy with a bra insert (aka boob enhancer/ chicken cutlet) in his mouth. On a serious note why do we have so many fake boobs laying around and why do our kids like playing with them ? Someone call child protective services. #CanibalLecter”

Luckily this wasn't a serious situation, just a little fun with boob accessories. Although it might be for the best if JWoww kept her room a bit cleaner in the future!

The Jersey Shore star married Matthews back in 2015. They have one other child, a 3-year old girl named Meilani Alexandra. It isn't yet known if the daughter shares her brother's affection for "chicken cutlets."