Kendall Jenner Says She's Not Planning On Having Kids Anytime Soon For This Reason

kendall jenner
@kendalljenner/Instagram/Estee Lauder

What a time to be alive — we are smack in the middle of a massive Kardashian boom with Kim, Khloé and (probably) Kylie all expecting newborns in the next few months!

But don’t get your hopes up for Kendall to add to the litter — the model just came out and said she’s not looking to have kids anytime soon.

Kendall just sat down with bestie Cara Delevingne for a "between friends" interview, and one of the very first topics covered was the question of children.

“I definitely don’t plan on having them anytime soon,” Jenner admitted. “It’s going to be interesting to see what the world is like when I do have kids.”

“It’s super scary [right now],” added Kendall.

Of course, she’s not against ever having little ones, but when that day comes she’s going to lay some ground rules that may surprise you.

“I think I’ll definitely put an age limit on [social media] and try to keep them away from it as much as possible. I always loved being able to play in my yard with my animals, and my dog, and my friends. It’s going to be interesting to see what the world is like when I do have kids.”

This coming from someone who currently has over 86 million Instagram followers and, along with her family’s long-running reality show, owes much of her initial success to social media.

That relationship between internet followers and the modeling industry came up during Cara and Kendall’s chat. “We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were young,” Kendall claimed before admitting, “social media obviously has a lot to do with how [modeling] is different.”

And not all for the better. According to Jenner, “You go online and you see everyone saying the worst things to each other, and it’s hard to stay positive. It’s hard not to get eaten alive by all the negativity.”

That explains why she’ll be keeping her (eventual) kids away from all that for as long as she can — and honestly, the world may be a happier place if more parents felt the same way.