Kim Kardashian Reads Kanye's Mean Tweets To Jimmy Kimmel During A Special Birthday Segment

kim kardashian mean tweets
Jimmy Kimmel/Youtube

Jimmy Kimmel just turned 50! So let’s all say terrible things about him!

In honor of the late night host’s birthday, his famous friends turned his popular "Mean Tweets" segment against him and read some of the most vicious notes the internet trolls had to offer — but none was more savage than Kanye!

Ray Romano opens the segment with some good natured jabbing before revealing the gag: “We got [your celebrity friends] to read some of your mean tweets. People that have tweeted mean things about Jimmy.”

And boy, do some people really, really hate Jimmy.

A few of the highlights in the four minute segment include Mike Tyson’s lisp, JLaw’s inability to keep a straight face, Larry David’s hysterical laughter and Chris Hemsworth confusing a Greek god with an STD.

But the real gem is when Kim Kardashian starts reading an old tweet from her husband, back from the days when Kanye was feuding big-time with Jimmy.

This entire hilarious video is a must watch! Peep the entire thing below, and to hear Kim K.'s rendition of Kanye's mean tweet, you can scroll ahead to 3:20.