Learn to Make Your Eyes Pop With These Simple Makeup Tips

Learn to Make Your Eyes Pop With These Simple Makeup Tips

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, but who says you can't have some fun picking out some cute curtains, or a nice valence to add some personality? You could go on Youtube and spend a few hours learning how to properly apply falsies, or contour the heck out of your eyelids, but really... ain't nobody got time for that! Read on to learn some tried, true, and most importantly simple ways to make your eyes pop with the makeup items you already have on hand (or should).

1. Whiteout

We got this image from StayGlam.

Lining the rims of your waterline with black is so old school, and just-so-happens to make your eyes appear as small as possible. 

Try this instead: grab a white eyeliner pencil and line your waterline

Why: White eyeliner emphasizes and extends the look of the white part of your eyes, making them look bigger, and brighter.

2. Add some shimmer

We got this image from StayGlam.

No need to bust out the pot of opalescent glitter powder circa middle school, which appears theatrical at best, and at worst, well, a little misguided.

Try this instead: a golden, bronze or champagne shimmer stick

Why: This shimmer will blend with your natural skin tone and subtly draw the eye out and up when you apply a dab to the inner corners of your eyes, and above your brow bone.

3. Cast Shadow Where it Counts

So we've all been there: one solid shade across your lid and out the door, simple, but at the end of the day, less-than-sophisticated.

Try this instead: Apply your lightest shade across lids, medium in the crease, and darkest in the outer corner above the lash line

Why: You know how black is slimming? Too much of it on your eyes can do what black jeans does for your derrière. No thank you! Add some dimension with shadow play, emphasizing lighter shades, and using dark shadow as a way to accent your lovely lookers.

4. Wing it out

You could draw a simple line on you upper lid and call it a day. You would, however, be doing yourself a disservice.

Try this instead: Draw that line on your lid, hugging your lash line, and at the very end tilt it up and outward. Think of a mirror image of your eyebrow when you close your eye.

Why: This opens up the eye, extending the look of the lid outward for bolder, bigger, and frankly, better looking eyes.

5. Curl for the Win

So you're almost ready to say good riddance to lackluster eyes, you apply some mascara and you're done, right? If you stop here, this is the only thing keeping you from mastering the simple, yet stunning eye. 

Try this instead: Hold a curler at the base of your lashes and firmly, yet gently pump and hold for 10 seconds, then carry it half way up your lashes, hold for 5 seconds, and release

Why: Once you've thickened and lengthened your lashes, if you don't direct them to the correct place, they'll get in the way of your work. Let your eyes be seen, and your lashes act as frames versus shutters.

And there you have it, simplicity is key when achieving a sophisticated, sexy eye look. 

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