Leighton Meester Reveals Why She Wouldn't Play Blair Waldorf Now

Leighton Meester Reveals Why She Wouldn't Play Blair Waldorf Now
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In an age where there are reunions and reboots left and right, we're all crossing our fingers that "Gossip Girl" would be one of them. But that is now unlikely to happen, as Leighton Meester revealed that she's over playing Queen B.

“I think I’m different,” Leighton shared with Rogue Magazine. “I started Gossip Girl 10 years ago when I was 20, and I’m 30 now. I loved doing it, and now I’m doing something else that I love, and something new that’s a little bit more my taste as a 30-year-old, something I’ve grown into.”

The "something new" she's talking about is her new TV show, "Making History", which is a time travel comedy that will air on Fox starting March 5. Totally opposite from spoiled, rich girl Blair Waldorf, the 30-year-old star will be playing a character named Deborah, the eldest daughter of Paul Revere. 

But Leighton did a little speculating on what Blair Waldorf would be doing in 2017.

“Ohhhh... let's see...” Meester told Elle in a recent interview. “When we last left Blair Waldorf, she had a kid with [Chuck Bass], and she was running her own fashion company. And I think it was going really well, wasn't it?”

"So in 2017, Blair Waldorf is probably about to debut her new fashion line. She's probably doing New York Fashion Week! She's got a runway somewhere," she continued.

I guess we'll leave the rest up to our imagination.

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