Makeup Brushes Worth the Splurge

Makeup Brushes Worth the Splurge

When it comes to your face there are a few things you should always consider splurging on: moisturizer, lipstick, and a good makeup brush. Of course find something within your budget, but if you have the money get at least one good brush, if not a few. We’ve got an assortment here of some of the best brushes that’ll keep your coverage flawless. With the proper care, that super expensive brush could last for decades. Seriously! Invest in your investment and reap the benefits.

Foundation Brush

bareMinerals | Full Flawless Face Brush

Look for a foundation brush with a lot of bristles, ideally with natural fibers that offer smooth full to medium coverage. Use this brush to apply foundation and pigmentation. We love this bareMinerals brush!

Foundation Brush

Chanel | Pinceau Fond de Teint Estompe

There are great foundation brushes that move easily between liquid and powder foundations and are a life saver even if they aren't a money saver. We're digging this gorgeous Chanel brush for all your foundation needs.

Eye Shadow Brush

Tom Ford | Blend Brush 13

You eye shadow will be so excited for this natural fiber brush. The blending capabilities of this bad boy never cease to amaze. This Tom Ford brush is totally worth the splurge.

Cheek Brush

SUQQU | Cheek Brush

Seek out the award-winning for your cheeks! Natural fibers are perfect for carrying blush over cheeks and blending. This SUQQU brush blends like a dream.

Lip Brush

Makeup Forever | Lip Brush

Try to find a retractable lip brush. As in it won’t get gross in on the go application situations. This Makeup Forever lip brush is absolutely perfect. 


Makeup Forever | Kabuki

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up a Kabuki do it. These amazing brushes offer terrific coverage with finish powder. Makeup Forever's will blow your mind.

Kabuki Brush

NARS | Kabuki

If you're really looking for a traditional Kabuki brush, it's worth a splurge. You'll be delighted by how luxurious these brushes are. This NARS brush is so gorgeous, it's practically a piece of art.

Double Duty Brush

Tarte | Tarte | Limited Edition Double-Ended Cheek and Lip Brush

This double ended brush can be used for cheek and lip; one side has an angled blush applicator and the other a dense applicator for lip color.

Oval Brushes

Artis | Oval 6

Cult favorites, oval-shaped brushes offer coverage and blending ideal for shadow, blush, or foundation. Don't you want to know what all the Instagram hype is about?

Concealer Brush

Your concealer brush should be a superstar. A slightly pointed tip means more delicate application and the better the quality the more flawless your coverage. We love this classic MAC brush to cover up our tiny imperfections.