Metallic Brows Are The Next Trend We're Totally Onboard For

Metallic Brows Are The Next Trend We're Totally Onboard For
Morgan Chidsey via WAFU Artistry

Eyebrows don't get the love they deserve! Sure, we pluck or wax them carefully and have found the perfect arch, but brows never get to have fun.

How many shimmering bronzes, bold eyeliners, and crazy lip glosses have you tried? Tons. But for brows, you've probably just gone a little lighter or darker than your natural hair.

No more! Metallic brows are a great way to have an outstanding look and have a little fun with your everyday makeup.

Adding shimmer or metallics to brows acts almost as a wearable accessory. The unexpected glitter brightens up your face and makes you look completely unique while still looking glam as hell. Popsugar calls it "jewelry for your face" and we have to agree.

If you want a really shimmery brow, a cream eyeshadow or liner is best. This Tarte Clay Pot Eyeliner works beautifully. It layers nicely and gives you an opaque but sparkly look.

If you don't have any cream eye makeup, you can use any eye color or liner that you have on hand. A less opaque shimmer powder may need to be paired with a matte, just to get enough to cover the brows.

Be adventurous with your color! Golds and silvers are great no matter your skin tone. Gold can look surprisingly natural, while a silver will make you seem like a beautiful snow queen.

Since you're going bold with your brows, there's no reason not to venture outside of neutrals. A deep magenta or purple looks lovely for brunettes and a medium teal is surprisingly pleasing for blondes or people with brightly colored hair.

Maybe you're not sure if you can go full on metal brow. No problem. Just add a pop of color or shimmer to the beginnings of your brows (the edges closer to your nose). Your looks stays a little more natural and will make everyone give you a second glance for your amazing eyes.

Have fun with your brows! Fun and metallic colors don't have to be saved for eyes and lips. We're really missing a trick by neglecting the face framing beauties we've relegated to shades of brown. Try metallic brows and you will have the perfect look of the future.

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