See How One Teen Spun Acne into Gold

See How One Teen Spun Acne into Gold

Elina Hsueh was your typical teenager dealing with acne. A commonality most of us just chalk up to being that age, and do nothing about. She on the other hand took her war with acne to a whole new level when she took it from a drastic situation on her then 16-year-old face, and turned it into a bonafide business; Beauteque.

While trying to find a cure to her blemishes got her interested in the beauty industry, it was a few products from overseas that solidified what she wanted to do with her life. A few years ago she was just a kid with acne who had a friend bring her back some beauty treats from Korea. Impressed, the now 19-year-old business woman told Teen Vogue she “became addicted” with the K-beauty products, adding, “Not just for what the products could do, but for their packaging and branding, too. Everything was so cute! I was hooked and decided I wanted to share the products with more people.”

Just a high school student at the time, she teamed up with her mother and started Beautique. This isn’t just some beauty company that pushes out products based on nothing. As someone who has suffered from acne, Elina offers up an array of cleansers, masks, and skincare products that she has tried and approved of herself. She even has taken things a step further by personalizing each person’s Beautique experience with the trusted “Mask Filter” tool that pairs people with the right mask to insure their acne is a thing of the past.

Life has a funny way of making sense doesn’t it? Elina Hsueh thought she was destined to spend her life with a face full of pimples until she was inspired to change it up. She started a successful company and she continues to prove that sometimes a little passion can go a long way.

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