The Fiery Makeup Trend That Will Makes Your Eyes Stand Out

The Fiery Makeup Trend That Will Makes Your Eyes Stand Out

If you're a true makeup lover, you've probably tried every eyeshadow color. We've all gone down the blue path, for better or worse, tried the purples, and even greens.

But the one color you probably haven't tried is now one of the hottest trends for eyes. Red.

Red might sound a little scary. Honestly, just saying "red eyes" isn't super appealing. It typically makes you think of crying a lot, an overnight flight, or some kind of unfortunate infection. Not very alluring.

But red eyes can look amazing! You don't need to go fire engine red, for this look, there's a wide range to choose from.

Brick red liner stays a little more to the brown side but adds an intensity you won't find in neutrals. This is a great choice if you just want to dip your toe into the red world. Chanel's Brun-Cuivre shade is pretty ideal.

For a bolder look try Sephora's Red Carpet eyeshadow to truly embrace the red trend.

Though red seems super dramatic, there's lots of ways to customize it so it fits your mood and your look of the day. Anastasia Beverly Hills offers an eye shadow palette with a range of reds, mauves, and neutrals to take you from simple daytime or dramatic night.

Another great thing about this adventurous choice is that it works equally well in matte or shimmer. A light shimmer diffuses the color a bit, making it less intense. A matte gives you just the color, as bright and big as you want it.

There's not really any wrong way to wear this color, though there's one spot that's best to avoid. The inner eye. If you line your inner eye, by your tear duct, with red, that can make you look a little tired and bring out the red in the whites of your eyes. As long as you keep the hue away from the tear ducts, you'll get eyes that pop, without looking like your eyes are about to pop out.

Give the first stop in ROY G BIV a try! You might find a shade that becomes your new favorite and makes your eyes completely unforgettable.

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