Stop Everything! 'Pretty Little Liars' And 'Vampire Diaries' Could Get A Spinoff Based On Both Shows

The Pretty Little Liars cast at Freeform
Getty Images

Marlene King, why must you do this to us?!

As if Pretty Little Liars coming to a close isn't enough to break our hearts, the PLL creator has been straight up playing with our emotions.

All hell broke loose when King tweeted the Vampire Diaries director Julie Plec about potentially collaborating on a new crossover series. Say whaaa?

"Hey Julie Plec. Wanna grab a coffee and talk about making a TV show?," King tweeted.

Even though Plec didn't respond to King's tweet yet, fans immediatly started fantasizing about a PLL / Vampire Diaries crossover. 

But that's not all. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, King said that fans can possibly look forward to a PLL spin-off in the near future!

"[A spin-off] is definitely a possibility," King said, according to Refinery29. "It's not a for sure thing, but there are ideas swirling around there."

When ET asked her if she had any particular ideas for the spin-off, she replied, "Yeah, but I'm not going to say just yet who [they] might be." 

Ahhhh! We are SO here for this. Can you imagine a Hanna Marin spinoff? Maybe, just maybe, her and one of the Salvatore boys from the Vampire Diaries will have a fling.

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