These Intricate Haircuts Are Works Of Art That Will Blow Your Mind

These Intricate Haircuts Are Works Of Art That Will Blow Your Mind
Headswideopen and RobtheOriginal

With so many hair trends that have come and gone, we feel like we've seen it all. Especially for dude's hair. Since the Jheri Curl, there hasn't been a lot of exciting action in the world of men's hairstyling.

That's Jamie Foxx rocking his own Jheri curl. You can see why that trend didn't stick around.

But Rob the Original proved us totally wrong. His intricate hairstyles are INCREDIBLE! He creates straight up art on every head he touches.

Look at that! Who would have thought a dude could have "The Last Supper" buzzed into his hair? Really, this is maybe some form of magic.

If you'd rather not have classical art and go with something more contemporary, Rob's got you covered.

You have to really love Drake to go with this look, but people will appreciate the time spent on this photo realistic portrait hair cut.

Rob the Original works in San Antonio, Texas where he wanted to combine his love of art and his skill with hair. Once he put both passions together, he began to create these amazing works of art. Rob considers himself way more than just a barber, but likes to go by the term "Hair Artist." 

Artist is a title that he's more than earned. Rob can draw, style hair. Even if you give him just a salt shaker, he'll make art!

His saltwork should have been used as the movie poster. Hey, maybe he'll be hired for Fast 9.

Rob sometimes uses long pieces of the hair to give a sculptural element and a 3D effect.

Hello Dali! You sort of feel like his eyes are following you cause it looks so real.

If you want something original that's less of a portrait, Rob also does colorful graphic designs.

If you weren't already impressed enough, Mr. The Original only uses normal combs, scissors and clippers to make his many creations. He doesn't have any secret tools or crazy hair inventions (or mastery of the dark arts, we still haven't ruled out magic), just ordinary barber tools to create amazing art.

Jesus Christ! No really, he can do a perfect Jesus. It's so beautiful, it can't possibly be sacrilegious.

So, if you're in San Antonio and want something completely fresh for your hair, you can't do any better than Rob the Original. With him, you'll get to be a walking piece of art.

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