These Products Will Make Your Acne Vanish!

These Products Will Make Your Acne Vanish!

There's a lot of talk about bad hair days, and the solution is often putting your hair in a ponytail and braving the day. What about when you're having a bad face day? As in, acne surfacing from your otherwise pristine skin, with your pores clogged? You'd prefer to stay home and allow it to calm down instead of going out on that date or to that party. This is where full-coverage foundation will help, but no need to settle for the kind that suffocates your pores, inviting more acne later. Here are some products that will fight the good fight against your pimples!

1. Banish: If you want to get to the source and remove severe scarring

Had enough of those harsh chemicals that just make things worse? Banish is an all natural titanium, Vitamin-C enriched solution, brought to you by Los Angeles based v-logger Daisy (The Acne Channel), who has suffered through acne herself, and found something that works good enough to share.

2. Alba Botanica Deep Clean Astringent: If you want to fade some minor scarring  

Another natural solution if you're not in a rush and just have some mild scars. There's nothing like the squeaky clean of a toner, and bonus points for it's scar fading powers. Use once per day to start, day or night.

3. Philosophy Clear Days Ahead 2 in 1: If you want clear skin without dryness

This moisturizer is a great way to seal in moisture that your acne regemine may have stripped. A dry face that's acne-free brings its 

4. Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Foam Wash: If you want to gently cleanse the day's makeup away

This cleanser is as mild as you'll get while packing an acne-fighting punch! If your face is red and irritated, the last thing you'll want to do is irritate it further with a harsh scrub, so use this cleanser to soothe the redness away over time.

5. Clinique Acne Solutions BB Cream: If you want to cover it up without making it worse

Sometimes you need to keep calm and carry on, even if your skin is freaking out. Fake it 'til you make it? Smooth this over your skin to conceal and heal, with an added bonus of SPF, diminishing the appearance of scars brought on by sun exposure.

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