This Easy Hack Will Make Your False Lashes Look Huge

This Easy Hack Will Make Your False Lashes Look Huge

It's time for a night out, whether you're doing dinner with your man or you're off for a girls night out, you want to look your best. You put on your outfit and do your makeup with precision. You've done your cover-up, contouring, and a smokey eye shadow, but something is missing. A simple mascara swipe is just not enough to pull together your look. After all, this is your night out and you wan't to look flawless. This calls for some false lashes to really make your eyes pop. 

Unfortunately, you may have had bad luck with putting on your false lashes before. Do you ever get through half of the night and feel your lashes lifting up? That calls for another round of glue, which of course you didn't bring with you in your small clutch. So now, you're either stuck with flopping lashes, which is oh so embarrassing, or you have the option of ripping them off, which in return leaves you with short and bare lashes and probably some smeared off makeup from the glue lifting it up. While this nightmare may seem to real to you, take a breath, because we've got the answer to your false lash problem thanks to makeup artist Brett Freedman.

Brett Freedman shared via Instagram his solution to this problem with a simple trick that he used on actress Camilla Belle during her appearances at Salvatore Ferragamo's 100th Year Celebration. The simple trick is cutting the lash strip into pieces which will make them last all night long and look 100% gorgeous! 

His tip: "My li'l secret of using strip lashes without the ends lifting off the lash line? I cut them into four sections so they all move with the eye and don't wriggle loose."

How simple is that? Who would have thought that simply cutting your lashes into sections would solve the lash lifting problem that has been a beauty enemy for years? It's a simple trick that will also give you the opportunity to place those lashes right on the lash line so they look natural and mess free compared to the difficult task of gluing on a whole lash strip. Make sure you try out this trick next time you're getting ready for your night out.

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