This Is What You Need to Do to Find a Perfect Foundation Brush

This Is What You Need to Do to Find a Perfect Foundation Brush

First step to picking out a perfect foundation brush is to chill out. Foundation brushes are easy to buy! Don’t worry, if you don’t believe it yet because we’ve got a how-to for you. The right foundation brush can make applying your makeup easy and even fun, regardless of the fact that you do it every day. Whether you go cheap or expensive, make sure you care for your perfect brush so it stays that way and it’ll last you for a long time.

Ask Yourself: Is the brush for a liquid?

If you’re using a liquid foundation, you’ll find that it’s actually best to go with a brush that has synthetic fibers. Why? Well those synthetic fibers won’t absorb all that lovely makeup that should be going on your face. Try nylon brushes for a real treat.

Ask Yourself: Is the brush for a pigment?

You’ll actually want to use natural bristles for pigment. Why? Well, this time those bristles need to pick up as much of the color as possible. The porous strands will help you achieve better coverage.

Ask Yourself: What can I afford?

Makeup brushes are great across a number of price points, so if you can buy top of the line, go for it! If you can’t, buy the next best thing.

Ask Yourself: What can I afford right now?

The nice thing about starting out with the inexpensive kinds of brushes is that you can try them out and see what works, and then buy higher price points as needed. Remember that a super expensive brush can last for a super long time with proper maintenance.

Ask Yourself: Are you trying to do too much?

That way you don’t have to worry about finding a brush that can tackle your little tough spots. Try a pointy little one for blemishes, and then something flatter for under your eyes. You should also have something large for powder and then slightly smaller for blush or bronzer.

Ask Yourself: Do I even need a brush?

There are times when a sponge or even your fingers will actually be the best tools you can use for applying makeup. Sponges can help you buff to perfection, while fingers are perfect for tinted moisturizers and BB Creams.

Ask Yourself: Is this the best shape for great coverage?

Make sure the brushes you’re looking at have a dome shape on top. Flat brushes introduce a lot more drag to application and your coverage won’t be as even.