This New Eye Shadow Is Your Next Holy Grail Product

This New Eye Shadow Is Your Next Holy Grail Product

When you're going out there's no need to play it safe with your makeup. You deserve to shine bright like a diamond. 

That doesn't mean you need to coat yourself in glitter or go with shimmer powder galore. Estee Edit's new eyeshadow is a dream for bold, nighttime looks.

Estee Edit adds the new Fluid Metal to it's eyeshadow collection. Each color has bold shimmer and shine with high color pigmentation. 

The best part is that you can wear this look as subtle or as bold as you like. If you use a fine layer, you get a twinge of glitter around the eyes for a fresh youthful look. Or go bold, with layers of glitter and color to show the world the glowing goddess you are!

In six metallic hues, you get a great range of neutral to bold. There's something for every eye color, outfit, and mood. The hardest part will be stopping yourself from buying every one!

The liquid application goes on smooth and dries quickly, so no worrying about keeping your eyes closed for ten minutes just to keep your shadow from smudging. Once set, Fluid Metal stays in place. Plus, it's creamy enough that you could use it on your cheeks for a glittered blush look.

Adding just a swipe of the bright electric blue "Not Sorry" adds a pop of disco brilliance to any makeup look. Or take the pink "Party of One" all over the eye paired with a sleek black winged line. It's gives a feminine vibe that you can party all night with.

Though these shades aren't out just yet, you will be able to find them at Sephora online and in the store. But don't worry, they'll be available by the end of January, but with the popularity of bold looks at the moment, you might want to get yours sooner than later.

Getting such a fine metallic finish that doesn't flake or cake onto your eyes is kind of a miracle. It's so light with just the right amount of glitter and shine, you might end up taking this look into daytime. 

No matter when you wear this, you'll look like a star, which isn't a bad way to start the new year.

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