Travis Scott Took Note From Kanye West And Laced Kylie With The Most Extravagant Birthday Gift

kylie jenner and travis scott
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What do you get the girl who has everything — no, literally everything? 

Here's a hot tip: It helps if you take a page from Kanye West's book.

To celebrate her 20th birthday Thursday, Travis Scott surprised his girlfriend Kylie Jenner with a live string orchestra and enough flowers to choke a horse.

As if those presents weren't extra enough, E! News reports that Travis also gifted Kylie with a MASSIVE butterfly-shaped diamond necklace that she wore to a late-night movie with friends.

All that ice! Kylie's used to a frozen neck though...

You could say Travis had some ~divine inspiration~ for his present. Last Mother's Day, Yeezus himself surprised Kim Kardashian with a string orchestra and a bench made of hot pink flowers.

Kim Kardashian on Snapchat

So does that make Travis and Kylie the new #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple? Meh, we'll have to see about that one. Talk to us after they land the cover of Vogue