Kim Kardashian's Late Night Snack Run Look Is Extra AF And We're Here For It

Kim Kardashian
Getty Images

Gotta love a late night snack run!

We've all been there. It's waaaay past your bedtime, yet you grow hungrier with each and every passing minute. You check your fridge and pantry, only to find ramen, bread, and week-old leftovers. Yuck. You consider ordering takeout or making a quick trip to the grocery store, but everything's closed already. So, what exactly do you do? You go to the gas station.

Whether you find yourself grabbing an Arizona, hot Cheetos or questionable gas station food, late night snack runs are a complete life saver. And apparently, Kim Kardashian thinks so too!

The 36-year-old reality star was seen sporting a chic-yet-sexy look while getting her grub on at her local gas station. The snack she couldn't pass up? Gummy bears.

While most of us make our late night snack runs in pajamas, Kim rocked a sheer bra, clear heels and a stunning black midi skirt. 

"I'm obsessed with Haribo gummy bears," Kim wrote on Twitter.

And we're obsessed with your not-so-casual gas station look, Kim. You do you!