The Snapback Has Got To Be Real After This Mom Gave Birth To A Big 'Ol 13 Pound Baby Girl

This newborn is resting after giving her mom the surprise of a lifetime with a birth weight of 13lbs

To every woman who has given birth to a child, this woman feels your pain. She immediately went into recovery mode after pushing out a 13-pound (yes, you read that right) baby!

"When the pediatrician showed her to me across the curtain, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s huge,'" Chrissy Corbitt, the woman who delivered the 13-pound baby, tells Inside Edition.  Her daughter, Carleigh Brooke Corbitt, was born last month with a rather significant surprise. Chrissy, who is no stranger to childbirth thanks to her three other children, was expecting a healthy baby but not that healthy. 

"My wife wasn’t getting any bigger, she was the same weight for about a month," proud father of the 13-pounder Larry Corbitt says about the expectancy period. "The belly was getting bigger and bigger," he explains. "It was like she had a huge beach ball and it was getting more and more inflated." 

The inflation was a sign of Carleigh setting some sort of record as one of the biggest newborns of 2017 and Chrissy being the woman who delivered the 13-pound baby. Even Chrissy's OB-GYN admitted that Carleigh was the biggest newborn that he had ever helped deliver during his career. Of course, the doctor helped Carleigh make her world entrance via C-section. No vaginal birth here!

"We went out with a bang," Larry muses. "This is our last kid. My wife had her tubes tied, so this is going to be it for us." Chrissy, the world understands. 

Meet, Chrissy Corbitt
This mom of four is done with having children after giving birth to a 13-pound baby

So what's it like being the parents of a newborn who is the size of a toddler? Well, not as different as one may think. Although the Corbitts donated the clothes that they purchased for Carleigh before her big arrival (pun intended) to charity, they say that things have been pretty smooth sailing since overcoming the initial shock of their daughter's birth weight. 

"She’s just a happy baby, she smiles all the time," Chrissy says. "I can’t get enough of her."

13-Pound Carleigh Sleeping
Sweet Smiles Photography got first dibs on shots of the 13-pound record setter

Ladies, what would you do if you gave birth to a larger than life newborn? How do you think you would physically feel? Men, what's your take on the matter?

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