YASSS! You Can Now Legally Drink Free Booze In Cali Beauty Salons!

YASSS! You Can Now Legally Drink Free Booze In Cali Beauty Salons!
The Drybar

The glamorous dream that we've all day dreamed about is about to be a reality. Californians can now legally be served alcohol while getting services at a beauty salon, taking spa day to another level. 

You've seen it in the movies, that scene where women are being doted on at a salon while sipping on complimentary wine or champagne. This can now be you, legally - if you live in California. And you have everyone's favorite blowout salon to thank for it. 

Drybar pushed for a bill to be passed that allows beauty salons to serve complimentary booze without needing a liquor license. The bill is even called the "Drybar bill." 

While a lot of salons have done so in the past, the bill will allow more salons to do so - and to do it legally. California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Assembly Bill 1322 towards the end of last year and it officially came into effect on Jan. 1st. 

The bill does come with a few stipulations. Customers can only receive 6oz of wine or 12oz of beer, it has to be free and it can't be served after 10pm. They must be of age and getting a service done. 

Currently in California other services such as limousine rides are able to offer free beer or wine. Beauty salons will now be added to the list. 

A few other states have already had this privilege, and many businesses in California were already doing so. The bill started to form when many businesses owners came into complain when they were served a fine for serving complimentary wine. 

Instead of paying the fines, one business owner spoke out that he just stopped serving. 

For something that is almost already an industry standard, it seemed silly to some that it be illegal. The idea is to make customers feel special and just make their short stay at the salon that a little more relaxing. 

Of course the bill hasn't come without some backlash. The California Alcohol Policy Alliance (CAPA) is protesting the new bill with slogans like “Alcohol belongs in saloons, not salons” and “Cut my hair, not my liver," according to Allure. 

There always has to be someone to rain on our parade... 

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