Ariel Winter Just Delivered The Most HILARIOUS Clapback To People Who Criticized Her Booty Shorts

ariel winter
Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

Not to be dramatic, but Ariel Winter doesn't get NEARLY enough credit for constantly standing up to body-shamers online. Just in the past year or so, she's shut down people who bashed her for dressing "inappropriately" at her own party,

Put Instagram commenters in their places when they accused her of Photoshopping her own body,

@arielwinter on Instagram

And fearlessly stood up to people who said she was "squeezing" into her clothes.

While no 19-year-old should have to be answering to haters and/or trolls so often, we are SO here for Ariel's clapbacks — especially her latest one.

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Modern Family actress and her boyfriend were spotted by the paparazzi while hitting up a grocery store. Though Ariel wasn't wearing anything special — just a mock-neck tank top, some cowboy boots, and jean shorts — her outfit got people talking.

"Uhm have some decency please," one person wrote on Instagram. Added another: "Someone don't know how to wear shorts."

And those were the nicer comments. Other Instagram users wrote things like "The ugliest *ss I never seen in my whole life," and even "F*cking nasty *ss b*tch." Oookay then. 😳

After learning what was being said about her, Ariel took to Twitter to issue the PERFECT response to her critics:

"I literally do not try and show my *ss when I wear shorts," she wrote Tuesday. "my *ss just eats them up and then I don't notice...awkward af"

Happens to the best of us, girl!