Beyoncé Makes Wearable Art Look Next-Level At Los Angeles Art Gala Fundraiser

Beyonce Gala Headdress

Even when she tries sneak in a back door, our Queen is still the talk of the party!

Beyoncé just attended the Los Angeles Wearable Art Gala which was organized by her mother in order to raise money for the arts and fund mentorship programs for young people. While she and Jay Z skipped the red carpet out front, the photos we do have of her outfit are stunning!

It’s not immediately clear why the Lemonade singer decided to forego the main entrance. All we know is that she came in with little fanfare through a back door.

It’s hard to imagine she was trying to keep a low profile though, given what she was wearing. Bey looked absolutely stunning in a dramatic red dress with a ruched front center seam that showed off her growing baby bump.

And then there’s that crown. Reports claim it was made of flowers, fake butterflies, and a diamond dragonfly. Which would usually sound like a terrible fashion choice, but this is Beyoncé we’re talking about; she can do no wrong.

She wasn’t the only pop star in attendance, either. Former Destiny’s Child bandmates Kelly Rowland, sister Solange and Michelle Williams also attended the Gala. Kelly rocked a frilly sheer white gown, while Michelle showed off a considerable amount of cleavage in this silver number.

We’re honestly going to be slightly disappointed when Bey finally has her twins, because she absolutely glows when she shows off that bump!