Putting A Glitter Bomb In Your Lady Parts Will Have Serious Consequences, So Please Don't Do It


These days, glitter bombs are all the rage. On the weekends, I cannot scroll through my Instagram feed without someone using a glitter bomb on boomerang. It is a staple of modern, millennial culture. Whether you are a glitter fan or not, glitter bombs are slowly starting to take over the world. 

Recently, a brand called Pretty Woman Inc. released a sugar water and glitter capsule for women to put in their vaginas before sex. The capsule is designed to make vaginal fluids sweeter and sparkly. Nevertheless, these "glitter bombs" are incredibly unsafe according to gynecologists.  

Did we really need a gyno to tell us that a glitter bomb was something that we should not put in our vagina? Come on, ladies. We are better than that. A glitter bomb screams itchiness and infection. No matter how many disclaimers the company puts on its site — and there are many, many aggressive statements trying to tell you that this product is completely safe — this is one of the least health conscious things you can do. 

For example, if you have asthma and go down on your partner, engaging in vaginal oral sex, the glitter has been known to inflame airways, sparking an attack. Furthermore, the sticky glitter is a hotbed for STIs. If your partner has an STI and you use this glitter bomb, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will come away with an STI too (this applies to general sickness and other things that can be exchanged via bodily fluids as well). 

The moral of this story? By no means should you ever put a glitter bomb in your vagina. We shouldn't be sticking anything that contains rogue glitter in our vajayjays. Also, can you imagine how painful the glitter would feel rubbing against your insides? It would be like having sex on a mountain of sand. No. Bueno. 

If you happen to find Pretty Woman Inc. on social media or throughout your internet wanderings, DO NOT CLICK ON THEIR GLITTER BOMB. Your vagina and your health will thank you later. Stick to KY, coconut oil, or other lubricants to spice up your sex life.