This Is The First Lipstick Kylie Jenner Ever Bought & You're Going To Want It

Kylie Jenner

Remember when Kylie Jenner was a tiny little tyke who occasionally ran across the screen during early episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Now she's the second most successful Kardashian (next to Kim), all thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics goldmine that has consistently sold out its products since the initial launch. 

@KylieJenner via Instagram

In an interview with Birdie, Kylie talked all things lip-related, from her lip kits to the founding of her cosmetics company to the first lip color she ever bought.

That lip color was MAC's Whirl lipstick.


Of the color, Kylie said to Birdie, "It was MAC Whirl. So I got the idea because I was 16 and I was like, I want to start wearing lipstick but I don’t want to wear a colored lipstick. I wanted to do something that looks exactly like my lips… but I want to wear lipstick. So I literally went into the store and got a million. Like, I went to MAC and I got Whirl, which was my first, and just a bunch of other colors. And just tried to find something that looked like my lips. And I wasn’t intentionally trying to start a trend or anything, but then it just became the 'Kylie Jenner lip color.' And everybody was trying to figure out what color I was using and I didn’t even know what color I was using. I was just trying to figure it out too."

@KylieJenner via Instagram

It makes sense that Kylie lip kits would come out of this, since that's kind of the purpose of that sheer matte look in the first place: to make your lips look almost natural, even with a bright, unnatural color.

This is good news, in truth: since Kylie's lip kits are constantly selling out, it's good to have the backup MAC lip color that also has the Kylie seal of approval. After all, the goal is to get that Kylie lip, and there's more than one way to get there. 

As for Kylie's top beauty tip?

"I feel like I am starting to learn that less is more. And I used to wear a lot of makeup all the time and that looks great in photos, but in person you still want to look fresh."

Best advice ever.