Mandy Moore Plans To Release New Music Next Year So Maybe Everything Isn't So Awful After All

mandy moore
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If you've been missing Mandy Moore's music like candy, you're in luck: The 33-year-old singer/actress just announced that she's releasing new music next year! 

“I want to return to music,” Moore told People. “I don’t have a record label, but I have a lot of music written. Next year, I’ve decided I’m putting it out there!”

2018 is already looking way, way, up.

Moore has been pretty busy this past year, starring as Rebecca Pearson on the Emmy-nominated drama This Is Us. Still, she told People that she stays true to her singer-songwriter roots by unwinding with a song or two after a long day of shooting.

It sounds like Moore's schedule will be pretty packed in 2018, too: She's partnering with a biopharmaceutical company to launch "Her Life. Her Adventures," a campaign that aims to educate women about birth control options, and is also thinking about starting a family.

“I would definitely get married again,” Moore revealed. (Moore, who divorced fellow musician Ryan Adams in 2016, is currently dating Dawes guitarist Taylor Goldsmith. Seems like she's got a type!) 

“My life has sort of taken unexpected twists and turns professionally and personally," she added, "but overall my journey is the reason I am here today and I feel fulfilled by everything that happened.”

Can we get a "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" for that?