Natalie Portman & Margot Robbie's Makeup Artist's 'Game Changing' New Tool

beauty tool

New beauty tools come along all the time, but the real test is whether the experts use and endorse them as strongly as the companies who make them. In the case of the Makeup Drop, the hype is apparently not misplaced. 

Pati DuBroff, a makeup artist whose clients include Natalie Portman and Margot Robbie wasn't sure what to make of a silicone makeup applicator when she first heard about it either. 

"I was a little skeptical at first because it reminded me of a chicken cutlet," said DuBroff about the beauty tool. However, once she started playing around with it, she soon realized there was a lot more to it than its unusual appearance. 

The tool is an applicator made of medical-grade silicone which is designed to eliminate wasted makeup. As ideas go, it's fairly simple, and it's surprising that nobody has come up with it sooner. Particularly when makeup artists like DuBroff are so enthusiastically singing its praises. 

The reason the Makeup Drop is so revolutionary lies in the material it's made up of and the way it was designed. 

Sponge and brush applicators soak up large amounts of liquid makeup and serums no matter what you do. And, they have to be washed and replaced regularly in order to prevent the growth of bacteria or when they wear out. 

The MakeUp Drop is supposed to only use about half of the makeup you'd otherwise apply to an applicator because it's not being absorbed. 

DuBroff has used the applicator to create Kate Bosworth's and Priyanka Chopra's stunning looks for the Met Gala. Not only that, but long-time client Natalie Portman's SAG red carpet makeup was applied with the Makeup Drop. 

It's not only DuBroff who thinks the silicone applicator has a lot going for it, Chrissy Teigen's makeup artist  Patrick Ta also recommends it. 

The applicator is nontoxic and can be easily cleaned using just soap and water or even makeup wipes. These are all big pluses for DuBroff, and for anybody who wants to streamline their makeup kit, she notes that it can be used to apply blush, highlighter, serums, sunscreen, and even lipstick.

Having one single tool that lasts a long time and can apply nearly all your makeup has got to be a timesaver and based on DuBroff's work, this is one beauty tool that might very well be worth a try.