Pickle Ice Cream Is The Summer Treat You Strangely Need To Try

pickle ice cream
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There are certain kinds of ice cream that are undeniable classics: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and so on. And then there are the wacky flavors that become instant favorites, like moose tracks or cookie dough. 

And then there are the flavors you're not sure you even want to try...like pickle ice cream.

Okay, you have to admit, a part of you never wants to go near that pint of pickle ice cream. But another, equally large part of you has to know, needs to know, what the heck pickle ice cream tastes like. 

More specifically, this recipe is pickle ice cream with a crunchy peanut butter topping, which probably just confuse your sensory instincts even further. Because you like pickles, and you love peanut butter, and you're a human so obviously, you love ice cream; but all together? Seems a little dangerous.

Bear with it. Fight through the confusion. Pickley, peanut-buttery ice cream. Even Ben & Jerry's has tried it:

The Dickinson

Let's cut to the chase. There's not a chance in pickled hell that you'll like this ice cream flavor if you don't like pickles. 

But for pickle-lovers and likers everywhere, here's what you need to know about the flavor, from the creator herself:

"If you can get down with a little brine (talking to you, pickleback fanatics), this savory-meets-sweet frozen dessert is pretty darn tasty, if I’m being honest. I opted to use pickle juice from bread and butter pickles, which are naturally much sweeter, so there’s not a bitter, punchy aftertaste that you might get from a salty dill pickle."

The chef, Sara makes the ice cream by adding–you guessed it–pickle juice, which apparently complements the buttermilk cream base. 

Pickle Ice Cream
Taurus Armed

Creamy, briny, pickley ice cream. Yum.

One of the main points in Sara's recipe is to temper the amount of pickle juice, depending on just how much you love that briny flavor. For example, the initial serving (1 and 1/4 cups of pickle juice) was, from Sara's perspective, way too much pickle flavor for the average person.

This is going to be one of those "try it until you get it right things," so hopefully you're a committed pickle fanatic. Check out the recipe here, and get goin'.