OMG, Selena Gomez Went Private On Instagram After Posting This Mysterious Message

Selena Gomez
Chris Polk/AMA2017 / Getty Images

The most popular person on Instagram just made it a LOT harder for people other than her 130 million followers to peek into her daily life.

Cosmopolitan reports that singer Selena Gomez made her account private Tuesday morning, and it might have something to do with something printed in her most recent magazine interview.

@selenagomez on Instagram

In a since-deleted post uploaded to her Instagram Story overnight, Gomez shared a screenshot from her Billboard cover story in the magazine's "Woman of the Year" issue. 

The paragraph she took issue with was cropped in a way that made it difficult to understand, but by using context clues and searching in the interview for the words that were visible, one observant fan uncovered the section in question: 


Selena's caption on the screenshot wasn't subtle: "Never will I let another human being guess my words ever again. Or invite them in my home. That is so hurtful. The most 'ridiculous' part of that is no one knowing my heart when I say things."

Hmm. 🐻

At the risk of being guilty of exactly what Selena doesn't want, it's important to point out her previously held views on Instagram and privacy: In her recent interview with KISS FM UK, for instance, she talks about the social media platform and liking to be connected with people. 

"Whether I’m the No. 1 most-followed or the least-followed, it’s for me," she said. Interestingly enough, she also admitted to being "careless" with the app by posting things that can get her in trouble.

Exhibit B: Back in April, 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford told W Magazine that it was Gomez who convinced her that private Instagram accounts are a bad idea for someone speaking to a young audience. 

"Selena pointed out that the show is targeting young adults like me and that [social media] is a good medium to talk directly with those who relate to my character, Hannah," Langford explained.

Gomez has confessed in the past that she periodically deletes the app because of negative comments and that her assistant once held the password, but going completely private is a whole 'nother ball game. 

If you're not one of the millions of people who were already following her, your best bet is to send a request or wait and hope that she changes her mind.