Celeb Stylists Reveal The One Product You Need To Get Your Hair Shiny AF

Behati Prinsloo

Have you ever wondered why every single red carpet appearance includes some perfect blowout with the shiniest hair you've ever seen?

Being an A-lister is fun for a lot of reasons, but the getting-done-up part is definitely up there. You get to sit in a chair while ten people simultaneously give you a manicure, pedicure, haircut, and full makeover. Having shiny, glossy, horse-mane hair is just one of the many benefits of Hollywood glamour.

@KendallJenner via Instagram

But is it possible to pull that look off when you're at home, in a small, cramped bathroom with about twenty minutes to get all of your primping done before you sprint to work?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, but it depends on what you're willing to spend and what your hair is like.

Everyone's hair is different, so it makes sense that there isn't one product that magically works on everyone's scalp. But there is one type of product, and it's oil. 

@BehatiPrinsloo via Instagram

As Glamour Magazine notes, "every stylist...mentioned that the key to glossy shine comes down to choosing finishing products like a hair serum or oil. But, as anyone who has accidentally grease-balled themselves on a clean hair day knows, finding the right one is half the battle."

In other words, celebrities don't have better hair than you, they just have a full team of people who are literally paid to know what type of oil or hair serum to use, whereas you don't have the time (or money) to try a thousand and compare the results. 

But it's not just about what type of oil. If you're just squirting oil into your hands and applying it straight into your hair, then you're doing something wrong there, too. 

The pro tip for oils and serums? Heat them up first. Glamour states again, "Just about any oil can work to give your hair a glossy finish as long as you use it the correct way. Take a small drop, rub it fast and furiously between your hands, using a ton of friction to really heat it up...this breaks down the molecules, which helps the oil penetrate deeper into your hair follicles, which means diamond shine and a glossy finish, not a coating that sits on top of your hair."

There you have it. You don't have to be Gigi to have some sleek-lookin' updo- but you do have to put a little effort into it. For suggestions on which oils to use, check out the full Glamour article.