This Secret Pro Makeup Tip Will Change Your Life

This Secret Pro Makeup Tip Will Change Your Life

Have you ever studied a celebs Instagram, tried your hardest to match their makeup exactly and it turns out a hot mess? Don't worry we've all been there. And it's not your fault.

Professional makeup artists are full of secrets and lots of them are super easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

This makeup secret is really simple and you don't have to buy any special products.

A little trick is switching up your blush and eye shadow. We don't mean going nuts and giving yourself the pink eye look. But adding a bit of blush to your eyes brings a surprising pop.

Professional makeup artist Beau Nelson, who's worked with Kristen Stewart, Gigi Hadid, Nicole Richie, and more, shared with Byrdie how his blush tip works.

I love using a touch of blush in the crease of the eye before eye shadow. It warms up the look and makes the eye color pop, especially if the blush is rose or pink in tone. When you pair it with neutral shadows, it gives an unexpected and unexplainable pop to the eye.

Though we'd never think of putting blush near our eyes, this little trick gives your whole face some warmth without looking like your blush brush went astray.

P.S. Beau Nelson's Instagram is full of amazing makeup looks you might have to try.

After you've added your typical cheek color to your eyes, celebrity makeup artist Rob Harmon has a great tip for a clever use of your eyeshadow.

For a Hollywood glow, grab that nude shimmering eye shadow you never use. Then, take a large brush and dust the shadow lightly on top of your cheekbones. Eye shadow and cheek color ingredients are basically the same, but with different pigments.

We all have that one nude eyeshadow that came in a palette that ends up sitting around, so this tip is awesome. Or if you've just run out of highlighter, your lightly colored eyeshadows will definitely work. 

Since Harmon points out that cheek and blush are so similar, you don't have to worry about shadow clumping or sticking in pores. It'll lay just like your blush, but give you a totally unique look.

So have some fun with your look! Mix up your cheek and eye colors and let the compliments roll in. You'll look red carpet ready in no time.

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